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front artist: laura heck

The Palette Cleanse Paintings commenced during Laura’s frustrations with her time spent cleaning off her glass paint palette.  A swipe with a putty knife covered in dried (somewhat liquified) paint on a paper towel inspired her to take this time-and-material-consuming act to create lasting artwork.  She uses donated, discarded fine art paper from a local creative reuse center or any paper hanging around her studio.  She has been intrigued with how this process reacts to various papers or even other recycled surfaces such as plastic tiles, wood and fabric. She has extended this series by adding line work and mark making with graphite, ink and paint pens, and colored pencils.

Laura has been increasingly aware of her own impact on the environment after starting this project. Her intention with this series is to ignite and create conversations about recycling, reusing and creating less waste. This is just one of her small steps to do just that.

back artist: juhb

I Goh bi JUHB. Started artin after I hit my head while on a skateboard trip when I was 19. Acrylic, watercolor, pen, ink, and some animation are the mediums I’ve worked in so far but basically, I like to have some beers and make a big mess. Then fix it in the mourning. FUNZIEZ!®️ and skateboarding is the reason I am this way. And please remember that lyfe should be phun, and it’s not terribly long, but terrifickly short. 


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