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front artist: dani kautz

“Look Don’t Touch”

Dani Kautz is a Denver artist focusing on the female form with an emphasis on expressing strength. The goal of her pieces is to demonstrate beauty without sexualizing the female figure. The use of skulls as a structural element, rather than a representation of death or darkness, she hopes that people recognize the figures for their beauty rather than their utility. In this series, each figure’s strengths are represented using the skulls of creatures known for their intelligence, self-awareness, resilience, strength and creativity. 

back artist: abby andre

Most of my work focuses on nature, how we push it and how it pushes back.I am in awe of the world around me: both the undeniable strength of the natural world and our own power. I am also an environmental lawyer and have spent years pursuing polluting corporations. Art is a mirror for my work and my surroundings. I use it to help me understand how we interact with—and sometimes destroy—our surroundings. In response to our eroding world it’s easy to normalize. It’s easy to accept destruction as a price for perceived progress. Habituation is a collection of paintings that recognizes our willingness to trade the environment for development and questions what might happen if nature fought back. My use of bright colors and playful compositions reflects the surreal nature of our time.


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